Changing of the Guard...

It is with great admiration, respect, and friendship that I say goodbye to my drummer Scott Wenum. 

He has been a friend of mine since 1988 when I first started Gb Leighton. He was my first drummer in my new band. We've played on and off again for years and have remained great friends and band mates.

Scott has been pursuing a college degree as he's been playing with us, and he has achieved his goal. I'm so proud of him and to have played with him as long as I have. I look forward to his future. You may see him again subbing if we need him but he's taking a new step and starting a new future. We as a band are backing him in his decision and look forward to seeing what he does. 

Another great drummer I've worked with is coming back. I'm so happy that Ryan Inselman will be a part of Gb Leighton again. Ryan is such a great guy and he'll pick up right where Scott left off. 

So please give your respect to Scott in this last month of him playing, and please welcome back Ryan with open arms. Gb Leighton has always been about family and friends. Never about egos. I'm happy to say that this is the same. 

Scott, we wish you the best as you move on. We only want great things for you.

Ryan, I love that you are coming back to the family. I look forward to rocking with you again. 

Fans, I love you all and I'll always make sure you have the best possible band in front of you. You deserve it. 

Ryan will start in April. 

Thank you all for your support!! 

Love you